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With operations in the market for small credits (SMS loans) since 2006, Bankic is one of the most established and respected fast-loan companies in Sweden.

According to the company’s own customer surveys, up to 90% of their customers are satisfied with the company’s service. Anyone who is of age and passes the credit check has good opportunities to be granted a loan from Bankic today. Message is sent directly and payment is also made on weekends .

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Benefits of message loan

  • Benefits of message loan
  • What is a message loan?
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  1. Fast transfers
  2. Easy application process
  3. Possibility to extend the invoice due date


Statement loans offer flexible SMS loans from SEK 500 – SEK 10,000 with repayment periods of 15 – 90 days depending on the loan amount. New customers can borrow SEK 500 completely interest-free.

The money is transferred directly to the bank account for customers at Peribank or Fabank.

Price example Message loan

It costs SEK 220 to borrow a thousand dollars for 30 days.

Statement loans have the best price for a 2000 SEK loan – only SEK 195.

  • Customer service and payment every day of the week .
  • Toll-free loan application.
  • Message instantly.

Statement loans do not use UC for credit reports.

What is a message loan?

What is a message loan?

Statement loans are a small loan (also called SMS loan) which is intended to be used in situations when we need money temporarily. The loan is up to SEK 10,000 and has a short repayment period from 2 weeks up to 3 months.

A message loan is provided unsecured and is best used to cover temporary cash shortages. If the car needs repair or an unexpected bill pops up in the mail, a small loan from the message loan can be a way to quickly resolve such an emergency.

How do message loans differ from other loans?

How do message loans differ from other loans?

The biggest difference between small loans from Statement loans and other loans is the small amounts and the short repayment period. The loan will often be repaid within a few weeks. This form of loan is intended to act as a temporary solution and in most cases is paid back with the next salary.

Due to the short loan period, small loans have a high effective interest rate. However, given the actual cost, loans from Bankic are cheaper than most other Swedish quick loans.

When is it right to take a message loan?

When is it right to take a message loan?

Small loans are best used during emergency situations. Loans can of course be used for anything, provided you know that you will get the money to repay the loan when you receive your next salary, pension, study grant or other income.

For those who need money right away to sort out a problem and you can’t wait, a message loan can be an option. It is of course not recommended to apply for quick loans for things that are unnecessary.

That is why Bankic is a good lender

That is why Bankic is a good lender

The announcement loan offers flexible short-term loans at a lower price and more benefits than many other SME loans companies can offer. They are a responsible lender who is under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and is a good alternative for those who are in need of fast cash.

The loans offered have very clear pricing and flexible repayment options. It is easy for the consumer to see what the loan costs and adapt it to the borrower’s personal situation.

The announcement loan offers a simple and good solution for smaller loans. They clearly report costs and conditions. Through a corporate philosophy based on justice, honesty and openness in its core business, the loans are designed as flexible and straightforward as possible.


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