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Tips for saving cosmetics

best cosmetic tips to save your money

Tips for saving cosmetics! Always buying a new cosmetic product can be very exciting, but on the other hand, paying for their purchase can be annoying. In this article, we have gathered some tips for saving cosmetics. Using them can save you money and therefore do not pay much. However, these are:

Use Eyebrow Mascara for dry lips

You can use eyebrow brush instead of lip brush for peeling your dried lips. All you have to do is apply a lip balm to your lip and leave for a few minutes. Then rub it with the eyebrow brush. Your lips will become smooth before lipstick.


Use a coolant mask foil

To reduce the swelling of your face, you can put some aluminum foil into the refrigerator and put it on the face after cooling.

Mash your varnish with corn starch

To smudge your varnish, you can put a teaspoon of corn starch in a lacquer. You can also mix the lacquer and starch in a small bowl and then apply on your nails.

Colorful sunscreen

If you are going to buy a sunscreen, hold it. You can easily make your own sunscreen at home. To do this, you can mix your colored sunscreen with a powder cream and apply it to your face.

Use rose water instead of spray fixer

You can use rose water instead of the fixative spray you use at the end of your makeup. Not only does the rose water fix your makeup, it also gives your face a natural shine. Thus, you will have a lot of transactions with a low cost product.

Converts luscious lipstick to opaque lipstick

If you have a bright lipstick, you don’t need to give money to a matte lipstick.
All you have to do is apply a powder concealer to your lips. Glossy lipstick. Your lips will look like a lipstick.

Wash the makeup brushes

Instead of giving money to the dry shampoo you bought from outside, you can do it yourself at home. Mix an equal amount of corn starch and cocoa. Then add a few lavender essential oil drops. If you have blond hair, do not add cocoa to the mixture. You can use the dry shampoo prepared with peace of mind.

Use eyelash mascara instead of eyeliner

If you have a black or colored eyelash mask, you do not need to buy a new eyeliner. Touch the finished eye pen to the mascara brush and apply it to your eye.