It’s possible to share songs from SoundCloud on the Instagram Story

SoundCloud will let you share songs from its app directly to Instagram Stories,


A very valuable feature for composers, songwriters and audio content producers (podcast)!

Now it’s possible to share songs from SoundCloud on Instagram! This feature was introduced yesterday in the SoundCloud blog. To share songs from SoundCloud on Instagram, select your favorite song in the SoundCloud app, then on the Share / Share tab, then open in the menu based on the phone you are using (iPhone or Android) Feel the Instagram icon or the “Share to Instagram Stories” option, with the tab on this option Instagram turning on, and the track cover appears as a background image with a sticker with a sandbox logo and song profile.

The similar feature of the service was introduced in May of 2018 by the Spotify platform, and the ability to select the song directly in the story was already introduced by Instagram! A feature that lets you select songs from thousands of suggested songs by Instagram.

Following the financial rollback of SoundCloud in 2017, and Dismissed 40% of its workforce and attracting new investors, the company changed its platform for survival in the competition market and added new features to its platform. These include “Making Sandcastles for composers, dj’s and remixers, making personalized personal listings like Spotify, the ability to mix songs straight from SoundCloud with Djing software, and more.”