Top 10 Halloween Movies

10 Best Halloween Movies of All Time

As Halloween approaches, we have collected 10 of the top Halloween movies for you. The films made in this theme are often scary. You can see good times with friends and family with these emoticons. You will be introduced to each other with these films. Of course, we have to categorize these films in the form of excitement, family films, films for the fans of the cinema, and so on, so that you are interested in the interest Choose your favorites:

1. A movie for fans of fear and excitement

Halloween is a 1978 American horror film. The movie is about a psychic killer who wants to kill the film’s first role. Halloween is one of the best-selling horror films of history.



2-family movie

Anime Great Pumpkin to Charlie Brown is an entertaining anime for spending time with friends and family. This anime is an American product in 1966.



3-For fans of old movies

Haunting is one of the films to be watched under the blanket and the lights off. This spooky movie has passionate music, brightness and special effects, with no drop of blood.



4-For the Squeamish

Young Frankenstein is a movie by looking at a classic novel, adding details of the Wyler gene and a violent horse. The film is directed by Mel Brooks, author of Gene Wyler (based on Marie Shelley’s Frankenstein novel) and produced by Michael Grooskov in 1974.
Young Frankenstein

5-For the Not-So-Squeamish

Drag Me to Hell is an American horror film. Christine Brown is a bank employee. One day he confiscates an old woman’s house in favor of the bank, but this makes her angry and dangerous old woman angry. He curses in three days …

Drag Me to Hell


6-film for adventure enthusiasts

The Monster Squad is a movie about Dracula. Drecola wants to rule the world, and it also helps with legendary monsters. A group of kids discovers the secrets that …

Monster Squad


7. For horror movie enthusiasts

Nosferatu, a German film and a silent film about Dracula. The film’s director is Frederick Wilhelm Mornau. He has been one of the most influential directors of German silent cinema. He has played an important role in the German Expressionist movement.



8. For zombie fans

Night of the Living Dead is a 1968 movie. After dead people are alive and attacking people as a cannibal, a group of their survivors hide themselves in a field so that they can safely escape these zombies. But …

Night of the Living Dead


9-For Cheesy Movie Lovers

Halloween III, yes, Halloween has lost the famous character Michael Myers (killer), but it’s still worth watching. This movie features all the stuff of horrible genre movies.
Halloween III

10-For People Who Hate Scary Movies

Creepshow is a horror, science fiction, and comedy directed by George Romero, published in 1982. The film is about five horror stories.