Practical exercises to make arm muscle

Sports exercises for having muscular hands

Everyone wants to have a muscular and well-formed hand. If you are also a member of this group, then this is for you. In this article we have collected simple sports exercises for having muscular hands:

Sports exercises for having muscular hands:



There are several forms of dancing that make your body more comfortable. Dipping in addition to helping your muscles form your hands, it will also help you lose weight.


2-Weight lifting

Lifting the weight, which is a movement that you can do where you sit, makes the drooping areas in your arms appear tight and muscular.

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3-Resistance Bands

These tapes are typically used for flexing the arms. The feet are wide open so that the center of the tire is under your feet, and the ends of the tire are manually tensioned upwards. This is the best exercise to reduce arm fat. Alternatively, you can attach the center of the belt to a support and pull the free ends by extending your hands and keeping them in a fixed position.

4-Reclining Weight Lifting (Triceps Extensions)

To do this work, lie on the back and hold two weights. Make sure the weights are selected proportionally and do not damage you. Slightly lift your hands up and down.

5. Lifting the weight to the back (Triceps kickbacks)

Bend your knees a little. Tilt your trunk down the ground. Repeat your back to the back. Repeat this move between 8-10 times and 3 times a day.

6-Chair Dips

In addition to making your hands beautiful, your muscles in the back are under pressure. Just what you need is a chair.